Union Hills Station

Another page in the musical history of Wayne Ramm

Pictures and songs from those days. More to come - this is just the start.

Band members:

Claude Lopez - Bass Guitar

Wayne Ramm - Guitar

Chuck Coffman - Guitar

Donny Cheek - Drums

All 4 members each actually played every instrument on numerous songs.  

Live performance of Evangelina at The Mantiki Club.

 Early feedback on this track:

Here’s how this track was created:
This was recorded live in a bar back in the 1970's with a Teac A340 at 7 1/2ips on 4 tracks simultaneously. The mikes I was using at that time were all Electro Voice electret condenser microphones. They were all very crisp sounding mikes with an extended high end frequency response. While it may sound like it was recorded in stereo, believe me, I had to get creative to get 4 different usable (and mixable) signals across vocals, 2 guitars, bass guitar and drums. I remix it from the original 4 tracks after transferring them from the original Maxell tape to digital tracks.

I tweaked the signals' eq and placement in the stereo field to what I found to be the most pleasing result.

Photos of the band: