My CD, “Another Dirt Road” available now! CD Release

Press performances

Folis Asc - What you’ve always wanted to know, or remember, if you were there in the beginning!

Folis Asc

Hear my performance from the  Webcast - KGLP Radio, Gallup, on August 11, 2013

Select “081113-EMAAC-0629n0803 Open Mics” from the list, my songs are 1/3rd of the way thru the webcast.

Union Hills Station - The history, photos and music from the era. Another musical venture in the legacy of my music. All the available information will be provided here.

Union Hills Station

Where do things go when they are removed from this page or other pages but worthy of keeping?

In the Archives page. Follow for access to the previous content.

It’s time again for my pre-Cinco de Mayo celebration song. Here it is…It’ll autoload (probably).

I’ll be at the American River Music Festival  at the Musician’s Showcase 9pm, Friday Sept. 16, 2016.  I’ll be performing the album title song from “Another Dirt Road” and premiering “Five Pounds of Possum”. Don’t miss it!