Radio broadcast on KVMR - 3 cuts from the CD and live phone interview with Programmer-Wesley Robertson January 25, 2014–-

Featured on the cover of Healthy Cells magazine–-

Radio broadcast on KGLP - performing 3 original songs August 11, 2013



“Very cool!” -Steve J-

Performing at the Ramah Farmer’s Market (pgs 2, 8)

“Great gig Wayne. Keep up the good work and playing that sweet music”-Arthur R.

“Hey, you sing good”-Kathy H.

Concert at the Old School Gallery… “(Wayne) Ramm is a gifted professional guitarist who usually plays country and rock.”  


Folis Asc - What you’ve always wanted to know, or remember, if you were there in the beginning!

Folis Asc

Ty, Wayne, Adonis and Clayton with Wayne’s donations for Music Is Medicine.

See photos from Music Is Medicine and La Tinaja 2013  season’s first show May 4

At Gallup Downtown ArtsCrawl in “The Coffee House” July 13, 2013

Marathon 1 day Performance Tour
- Saturday, August 10, 2013

1st stop - Ramah Farmer’s Market

2nd stop - Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

3rd stop - La Tinaja Restaurant

4th stop - Gallup party  

5th stop - Crash at home